Viking Profiles

There is a fine line between art and technology, and we cut it.

Water Jet

Optimize your manufacturing process with waterjet. Cut virtually any material, from modern metals to highly engineered materials.


Mild Steel - up to 1/4"

Aluminum - up to .125"

Stainless Steel - up to 3/16"

Acrylic - up to 1" (Flame-polished edge)


Our plasma is powered by ESAB iSeries power source with automatic gas  control and state of the art CNC control with integrated nesting  capabilities.  

CNC Router

Our CNC table is fast, provides a clean cut and our team is able to provide quick, cost efficient delivery.

Bending | Polishing | Coating

If your project requires bending, polishing, powder coating, we provide all finishing services to ensure you get the final result you're looking for.

Studio & Public Art

We enjoy working with artists to help them achieve their vision of a finished work, while being conscious of limitations and budget constraints. You can see many of our friends public art pieces throughout BC and Alberta.

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Viking Profiles

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