There's A Fine Line Between Art And Technology. We Cut It!

Waterjet Cutting Since 1997

Viking Profiles Inc

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There’s a fine line between art and technology. We cut it!

Viking Profiles Inc. uses state-of-the-art cutting equipment and computer software to produce close tolerance custom parts, whether for prototypes or high volume production runs. Established in 1997, the Richmond-based facility provides a broad range of custom water jet cutting services for all clients. The industries served includes residential designers, artists, mechanical, manufacturing, electronic, and other segments of the high tech industry.

The experienced sales and production staff at Viking Profiles Inc. creates a seemless process from initial drawings (concept) to the final cut (completion). This streamlined process is part of why VP has become one of the leaders in BC in the cutting industry. Need something cut? Feel free to get in touch with the helpful staff at Viking Profiles.

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Our new chassis is coming together nicely. Thanks to Viking Profiles Inc. for helping us waterjet all of our chassis jigging." - Http://

"We had multiple pieces of stainless steel that needed to get cut fast. Viking Profiles delivered the project within 48 hours, excellent quality at a reasonable price. I highly recommend them!" - Matt B.


Our Service

We believe a diverse range of talent and personality brings creative skills and ideas to the table.

No Other Tool or Machine Cuts A Greater Variety of Materials

From glass to stones to composites and metals, nothing cuts and machines a greater variety of materials than an abrasive waterjet. Their versatility is unmatched.

Setup and Fixturing Is Complete In Just Minutes

Tthe time required for setup and fixturing is minimal because side forces are virtually non-existent when cutting with an abrasive waterjet. This allows you can move quickly from job to job — cutting 1/2 inch aluminum in the morning, 2 inch glass in the afternoon, and 6 inch stainless steel in the evening.

Cut with Multiple Heads and Increase Productivity

The cool-cutting process of Flow abrasive waterjet systems enables you to increase throughput by stacking raw material and cutting multiple parts in a single pass. Running multiple cutting heads simultaneously further increases productivity..

Increase Your Margins

In the battle to reduce costs, engineering and manufacturing departments are constantly on the lookout for an edge. The waterjet process provides many unique capabilities and advantages that can prove very effective in the cost battle..

A Clear Winner

Abrasive waterjets can cut many materials that lasers cannot. (Reflective materials in particular, such as Aluminum and Copper).

Clean Cut

Waterjets provide a nicer edge finish than all other methods because there is no heating the part. Waterjets will cut virtually any material..

Edge Quality Eliminates Costly Secondary Finishing

From steel to composites, cut net and near-net parts. Abrasive waterjets cut with erosion, rather than shearing or heat, so they produce exceptional edge quality without inducing heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses. Raw materials maintain their structural integrity; deburring and other secondary finishing are usually not required.

Cutting Edge Technology

Beyond cost cutting, the waterjet process is recognized as the most versatile and fastest growing process in the world. Waterjets are used in high production applications across the globe. They compliment other technologies such as milling, laser, EDM, plasma and routers. No noxious gases or liquids are used in waterjet cutting, and waterjets do not create hazardous materials or vapors. No heat effected zones or mechanical stresses are left on a waterjet cut surface. It is truly a versatile, productive, cold cutting process.

Unparallelled Performance

The waterjet has shown that it can do things that other technologies simply cannot. From cutting whisper thin details in stone, glass and metals; to rapid hole drilling of titanium; to cutting of food, to the killing of pathogens in beverages and dips, the waterjet has proven itself unique.

Core Features

Our dedicated team will be there to support you through the entire process from concept to completion.

Waterjet Benefits

The waterjet is extremely versatile. Need something cut? Contact Viking Profiles Inc - a leading waterjet cutting facility located in Richmond, BC

Waterjet v Laser

Can cut through reflective materials. Uniform surface not required. No thermal distortion or hardening of material. Achieve similar or greater tolerances. Cuts thicker and deeper. No noxious fumes. Eco-friendly.

Waterjet v Plasma

More precise. No heat or distortion. Cuts wider range of materials.

Waterjet v Milling

Single machine requirement. Setup and fixturing in seconds. Fast clean up. Handle virtually any material. Rough out parts prior to milling. Now viewed as a modern replacement to milling.

Waterjet v Punch

Lower cost. Holes placed closer to edges. 50% faster. Handle any material. No warping.


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